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Honeymoon on a Dime?

Because I got married abroad my mother decided that spending ‘all that money to get there’ meant she should stay as long as humanly possible. I love my mother dearly so I had no problem with her staying an extra TWO WEEKS after the wedding. Only problem is that meant NO honeymoon. The extra time I took off work I spent showing her all around Ireland while the hubby went back to work (he didn’t mind a bit-weirdo loves to work).

So instead of a honeymoon we decided to save up for a trip to some place fun and historical when we had the time. I love going to places with character and history because, you guessed it, it’s cheaper. You can oogle the buildings and monuments and don’t spend a dime doing it because you’re usually outside. So finally, 2 1/2 year after our wedding, we’re going to Krakow, Poland. And to be honest we really didn’t need to wait that long because the whole trip including airfare, hotel stay, and breakfast for 6 days came to just under 500 euro!! It’s so easy to find cheap but nice hotels to stay in in Europe. If you’re coming from America it’s a bit more expensive. I’d recommend a trip to Canada or Mexico for a cheaper option of getting out of the US.

Ireland is one of the most expensive places to visit on the planet. Even just a weekend out of town can cost upwards of the price of my entire trip to Krakow. It’s gotten more reasonable since the recession but still nowhere near as cheap as other countries. The only advantage of coming to Ireland money-wise is if you’re in the UK because Sterling (GBP) is still kicking the Euro’s butt.

Some ideas of budget honeymoons:

  • Hit up friends or family that live in cool places and see if you can stay there free or on the cheap.
  • Go camping-Campgrounds can be as little as a tenner a night.
  • Take a long weekend. There’s no rule that says a honeymoon needs to be 7  full days and nights. Sometimes a shorter break is all you need. Hey, you at least got out of town.
  • Look for travel packages at an agency. They can get you to some pretty cool places with package deals. New resorts open all the time and they offer super reduced rates just to get people to try it out.
  • Take a bus or train instead of a plane. It might take you longer to get there but it may end up being cheaper.
  • Book any flights 6 months in advance. The second flights to your destination appear book them. They get more expensive as the time draws closer.
  • Europeans-Take the train across Europe. I think it’s like 100 quid and you can get on and off anywhere you like. Explore new places and just live moment to moment.
  • Americans-Take a bus across the country. You can both see the sites that way and no worries of getting lost!

Sometimes ‘planning’ a honeymoon takes the spontaneity and romance out of it. Give yourself an idea of where you’re going but maybe leave the details for when you get there. You’ll have so much to plan for the wedding day that having that part be breezy might just be what you need. To be sure you have enough for a honeymoon, start a ‘honeymoon fund’ the second he proposes that you NEVER touch. Even make it a charitable fund anyone can contribute to. As little as a fiver a week will add up in a year’s time. And hey, isn’t the week off after all that stress worth a bit more than the wedding day?  Trust me, you’ll need it.


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