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“…I sound just like my mother” 

The statistic on living together before marriage says you’re more likely to get divorced having previously cohabitated with your partner. Really? So say we didn’t live together then got married. I know myself. If I had to get used to socks on the floor, dishes all over the house, and smelly football bags left in the front hallway plus the stress of being married, all at once, that would be enough to take the gas pipe. I’m not saying no one can do it, I just don’t for the life of me know how. 

I’m a huge supporter of cohabitation prior to marriage. You need to know if this person is someone you want to clean up after for the rest of your life. Now don’t get me wrong, there are relationships where the shoe is on the other foot. Men, I’m sure you’re out there saying ‘She’s the slob not me’. The same applies to you. Live with her first and see if her panty hose hanging from the shower, makeup and skin care products on every available surface of the vanity and more shoes than you can count is something you want to live with forever.  Oh and I recently found out when I scream about socks and underwear left on the bedroom floor, I sound just like my mother. Thanks for helping me tap into that Anton. Why did I say ‘yes’ again? I’m kidding, he’s not that bad. But living with a boy is definitely an eye opener.  

One hyphenated word…Pre-cana

For those of you getting married in the Catholic Church you have to take a pre-marriage course. It’s called pre-cana. What I found amusing about this test is that   ‘cohabitating’ was a status option. Isn’t that against the Catholic religion? Anyway, on to the test. 

It looked like an American S.A.T. so immediately I got tense. I hated my S.A.T.’s.  You had to fill out if you were single (duh), cohabitating (sinners), or divorced (double sinners). The test was over 150 questions. The answers were A-agree, D-disagree, or U-undecided. There was a separate section for cohabitating which Anton and I had to fill out.  Only problem was he filled in ‘single’ instead of ‘cohabitating’ so we already didn’t agree and the first question wasn’t asked yet. Shit!  

They separated us, boys on the left girls on the right so we couldn’t cheat. I answered questions about past relationships and communications skills, and all I kept thinking was ‘wonder what he put.’ Once we were finished they took our tests and let us go.  They sent the tests to a correcting facility where the answers were compared and scored. We could see them on our follow up visit a month later. A month later! I have to wait that long? I wanna know now.  The second we were out the door we started asking what each other put for answers. We had a long talk and figured we’d aced the test because we agreed about everything, then. 

 ‘You two can’t get married! What were you thinking?’ 

Well, for the most part we were right but then there were the few that we found out we didn’t agree upon.  Going into a room with my fiancé and a counselor to see our scores was nerve wracking to say the least. I had visions of her screaming ‘You two can’t get married! What were you thinking?’ What actually happened was nothing of the sort. She was cheerful and pleasant and said that this test was just a formality. Matter of fact she didn’t even agree with what the test wanted for some of the answers because, let’s face it, they want you to be a perfect couple and agree upon everything. Yea that just doesn’t happen.  Some of the things we disagreed on originally we completely agree upon now and are considered non-issues. Funny, our answers changed when we were faced with the questions and had time to correct the behavior. Hmph. 

So our scores on most topics were average to excellent. There were a few ‘we’ll talk later’ subjects but nothing too horrible. The final result, we passed, but now we have to meet again at the end of the month for the 7 hour course. Ay yi yi.

The sequel to Pre-cana, coming later this month.   


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