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Ok huge dilemma. We just listened to our fifth band and, yet again, they sucked. We have no idea who to book. We’re super picky and me being an American, and a fan of the DJ, have found no one who can play up to our standards. Am I being too picky? Is my reception going to suck because I don’t want live entertainment? I just always pictured my big day with music played by the original artist. I’ve never even liked going to see cover-bands. It just annoys me. I know the Irish way is live music and karaoke-like fun, but seriously people, where is the talent around here? I will take any and all suggestions and listen to another 50 demos if I have to. Send them my way.

Anton’s family are extremely talented and can sing like angels. Either way, booking a band or a DJ, they will have to understand that his sisters and brother will be going up there to do a number or two. So we need someone flexible and easy going who will allow audience participation.  

I’m not mentioning any names, and don’t ask me to, but the demos I was sent and the one band I actually went to see, were bloody awful. One band even boasted about themselves so much I thought they were the second coming. They said they were booked into 2010 and they just happened to be available on my day. How lucky was I? So I was delighted I asked them to send me a demo. There are no words to describe how disappointed I was. Think Jimmy Buffet with about 50% less talent. €1500 for that? Bollox. I just threw the demo away and went back to the drawing board.

I know bands have to share the fee but to have a reasonably priced reception the only way to go is a DJ. And hopefully you know someone who can do it for you as a favor or at a good price. That’s a huge portion of the cost for a wedding is the entertainment. I have no problem having a DJ and I finally convinced the fiance that it’s our only option.

For a DJto play for roughly 8 hours they charge €950. For a band to play 2 1/2 to 3 hours they charge a minimum of €1200. Then you have to hire either another band or a DJ to play the rest of the night.  Hmmm whats the better deal? And which one do you think I would chose? When I saw the price comparison there was no question. Plus you can get them cheaper if you have them start after the meal and forgo the bridal party announcement.

One DJ service that gives you a text quote go to the Weddingdjs website and get the mobile number.

Any DJ recommendations are also welcome appreciated. Just post them in comments and I will look into all of them. 

You’ve been a wonderful crowd, thank you, and, goodnight.  


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