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Up or Down?

One of the biggest questions for my wedding day is not ‘Where will the reception be?’ or ‘Who shall I invite?’ No it’s considerably more important then that. It’s by far one of the most important things I have to plan for my special day. And the question is… ‘Should I wear my hair up or down?’

I know that might seem a bit unimportant to most people but to me it’s a matter of life and death. My entire wedding day is going to be photographed and treasured for decades to come. So I don’t want to look ratty or disheveled. Personally I prefer my hair down, but I have a strapless dress and shoulders I wouldn’t mind showing off so I’m leaning more towards up. Maybe I’ll do both. Front up with a tiara comb, which I have to show you, and the back down and curled. My hair has a natural wave to it, that most people don’t see because I straighten it, so it should take the curl nicely.

Here are a few pictures of ideas that I had for my day.

 hair.jpg                              hair-5.jpg 

  hair-6.jpg <I love these two> hair-7.jpg This one has hair ornaments!

Plus there are these fun little hair ornaments that add a little something to your do. I’d advise against it if you’re wearing a tiara or other headpiece as it may be over kill and garish. Try them on and do a pre-run of your hair with your stylist a couple times before the wedding so he/she knows exactly what to do on the day. You don’t need to experiment the day of and end up not getting what you want.

hair-2.jpg                 hair-3.jpg                hair-4.jpg              hair-8.jpg

Here are a few pictures of the cool tiara type combs I’m going with. They’re a lot easier to keep in your hair and a lot less painful as well. I’ve tried on countless tiaras and kept wondering how it was going to stay in with all the dancing I’m going to be doing. Then I came across the tiara head-comb and voila! it stays put. It’s absolutely gorgeous with or without a veil and gives you the look of royalty. Depending on the hairstyle it can even look as though it’s a full tiara.

hair-9.jpg                           hair-10.jpg

Before I go I have to post another cake idea I found thats absolutely gorgeous. I’m going to try and get this made using gerbera daisies instead. I love the idea of candles around the cake. For people who can’t afford a waterfall in the middle of their tiers of cake, candles are an eye catching inexpensive alternative. It adds a touch of class as well.


 Stay tuned for the jewelry blog next….


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