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Respondez S’il Vous Plait


Wedding invitations can be very costly depending on who you go through. Fortunately for us, Anton has a cousin in the printing biz and she’s giving us invitations as a wedding present. Hooray!! But would I let that be the end of this blog and keep my penny squeezing/cheap chick advice to myself? I think not…

You might laugh at this one but earlier today I ordered my business cards online from a company calledVista Print. They have a dot com, dot ie, and dot uk dot co just to name a few. I ordered 1500 cards with print on both sides and it only cost me €34 with shipping and VAT. I was blown away at the price. Then I sat here trying to figure out what to blog about and it hit me. Check Vista Print to see if they do wedding invitations. Eureka!! They do!!

I must admit I had some fun creating my own with different fonts and colour schemes, all in the name of research of course. Then I got to the best part, the price. Seems that for 100 invitations it only costs €38.49 and 250 costs €62.99. There are higher and lower prices/amounts listed but that was just to give you an idea of the cost.

I haven’t seen the quality of the actual printing on wedding invitations, but I have seen the business cards. I have always been pleased with what I’ve gotten from Vista.  They also allow you to upload any image you want and create your own card.Finish options are glossy or matt and both are included in the price. You then have an option of a plain envelope for free or upgrade to the matching one at an additional charge.

For 100 it’s an extra €22.49. So cheap! Vista even has thank you cards to match your invitations. 100 thank you’s  is €37.49. You can always wait to purchase these until after the wedding as you’ll be sure to get some money as gifts.

So the total for 100 wedding invitations with matching envelopes, shipping and VAT comes to €90.03. Subtract €25 for plain envelopes. Don’t forget to get the RSVP cards to put in them. Or you can just put on the invitation to RSVP at an email address. That reminds me of something else.

Have fun with your invitations…                       

invite.jpg                                         invite4.jpg

There is an online invitation website that allows you to make a wedding page. Go to my webpage at The Knot and see how much fun it is to make your own wedding webpage. You can also send out e-vites to people and get RSVPs via email. Saves on postage and invitations. That way you could buy invitations for the technophobes out there that still don’t own a computer, but would like to attend your wedding, and save a fortune.

The Knot webpages even have a guest-book people can sign to send warm wishes and blessings. How fun is that! I love mine and the picture I chose shows how goofy in love we are with each other.

The internet opens up a whole world of options for you to choose from. Some people might not like the impersonal web e-vite. While others may love it and find less restrictions of how much they want to say. You can even add pictures to tell a story or for people to print out at their convenience. Plus you can get a wedding blog going either through The Knot or another website like WordPress (this one) to document your wedding.                    

Other wedding invitation website are:                                                    

For the crafty people out there you can always make your own as well. I made my bridal shower invitations and they were adorable. It’s amazing what you can do with construction paper, stamps, and glitter. No one is going to judge you by your invitations so have fun with them. Express yourself and show what the tone of your wedding day will be with the invite.

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