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Bling! Bling!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The tradition every woman looks forward to as the special girls moment just before their big day.

Jewelry is usually passed down as the something old, new, or borrowed. The blue can be something like a handkerchief or garter.

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I have just been informed by my mother that she will be handing down my grandmother’s wedding ring set as the ‘something old’. I’m so excited I could cry. I have loved that set since I was a teenager and now it’s MINE!!!!

Now to pick out your jewerly. Typically I prefer the traditional handed down or borrowed jewelry from family or friends. I still have my jewelry from my Jr. Prom (Deb) and it’s in perfect condition. Ask friends and family if they still have jewelry from events they’ve gone to. You might just get lucky. If that isn’t an option, costume jewelry will do in a pinch.

You can choose feaux pearls, crystals, or even colored stones to match any colors you might have in your dress. Pearls can be bright white or cream colored depending on your dress as well.

Costume jewelry stores can be found in several towns and cities in Ireland . Second hand shops, accessory shops, and even larger department stores, like J.C. Penney’s in the States or T.K. Maxx in Ireland, will be sure to have a decent selection.  

Here are a few gorgeous necklace and earring ideas from David’s Bridal, a U.S. based bridal chain.

Accessory style 5645N/white  - Three row pearl collar chocker    Accessory style RH4244N  - Square Crystal Necklace    Accessory style 600/NWhite  - 6MM 16    Accessory style WJE-4709  - Crystal Chandelier Earrings.   Accessory style 2872EP 5023  - Crystal Vine Linear Earrings.   Accessory style 06F1  - Pearl and Crystal Linear Earrings.

Some of the smaller accessory shops in most larger towns in Ireland are; Claire’s Boutique, Accessorize, Pulse Accessories, and Glizti Bitz for starters. The only website I found was for Claire’s but the complete list of address and phone numbers of all fashion accessory stores can be found at GoldenPages.ie.

I’ve also found an amazing discount wedding jewelry website in the U.S. that ships internationally. They have everything from tiaras to foot jewelry. Check out the gorgeous selection at Princess Bride Tiaras. Also, for the greener brides, they show how to select a veil as well as put it on and keep it on. What a great idea for a website. Plus all of their jewelry shimmers and promises the highest quality at an affordable price.

Unfortunately for many people this isn’t a DIY situation. So for those of us who don’t have a hand-me-down or ‘borrowed’ jewelry set, it’s good to know there are a plethora of options out there. Don’t worry about buying the most expensive either. Even though you’re on a budget you can still look like you spent a million bucks. No one will ever know the difference. I wont tell, I promise.


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