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Being the anal planner that I am, I paid most of my deposits today and called all of my bookings to reconfirm everyone’s attendance. Photographer-check, cake-check, flowers-check, transportation-check, videographer-“We actually booked that day with someone else since our last chat…” I’m sorry,What? Did I just hallucinate? How could this have happened? I had a great chat with the videographer and thought we had an understanding. I was going to pay the deposit when I had the cash and he was going to be a great guy and wait for me. Fat chance. Word of advice. Don’t expect anyone to keep their word when money is on the line. Make sure when you’re going to book a service for a wedding that you pay them and fill out the booking order as quickly as possible.

So I’m sitting in the living room screaming at my laptop and sweating profusely. Meanwhile Anton is sitting across the room watching me morph into Bridezilla of epic proportions, most likely questioning his sanity for proposing to such a spa. In the reply email cancelling my confirmation, the videographer informed me that he could help me find another one if I so desired. Of course I so desire. Did he think I wasn’t serious when (I thought) I booked him? I sent a reply email and waited about .6 seconds then called his number to which I got no answer. I left him a message and called the other number. I think his mum answered which concerned me a bit but then brushed it off. Hey some people still live with their parents at 40 years old. Who am I to judge. I was told by the pleasant woman on the phone that he was possibly doing a wedding tonight. That was like salt in the wound. Knowing he might be videoing some other lucky bride who’s booking he didn’t cancel. But then I thought ‘It’s Monday. Who would get married on a Monday?’ Poor thing’s confused, bless.

Short story long his partner called me back. I was pleasant for as long as I could be. I said hello nicely then flipped my wig. I’m sorry. I’m an American who lived in New England my whole life. Do you really expect me to have patience? I told her how poor I thought it was that she booked over my day without even calling me first. She said I had to consider her blah blah blah. I didn’t hear the rest because I blasted her with her lack of professionalism and how a wedding is a huge day with loads of planning and if they couldn’t have the decency to call and confirm…you get the picture. She did say that she called but didn’t leave a message. Bollox to that. She never called. I’m not an idiot.

She gave me two names and numbers to call. The first one didn’t answer so the stress level just about peaked and almost turned into tears. I’m not hormonal I swear. I’m just a spoiled brat. I called the second number. When the man answered he must have thought a squirrel high on caffeine called him. My voice goes a few octaves higher when I’m nervous and I speak rather quickly. He confirmed that he had that date available and my body went limp. I released the air I trapped in my lungs just in case I needed to scream.

We had a lovely chat and come to find out he’s cheaper that the people I originally booked. He had a pleasant demeanor and loads of experience doing weddings. I can now breathe easy again. He also agreed with me that the original videographer I booked never called to confirm either. He said it’s sad but it happens all the time. If you want to know who he is, comment on this post and I’ll email his info to you. He’s out of Tipperary and doesn’t have a website that I know of. But I have his name and mobile if you need it and are getting married in Ireland.

So far that’s the only huge hiccup I’ve experienced and hopefully the last. I know everything happens for a reason and I think this was God’s way of saving me a few extra quid and making sure my day would be flawless. I just wish I could get it through my thick head not to panic about everything.


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